the restaurant

Discover the delicious simplicity of tradition – and surrender yourself to its constant reinvention. La Piazzetta – the Parigi’s restaurant – embodies and promotes the celebration of Venetian cuisine, its ingredients and its flavour combinations, creating dishes which celebrate unique regional specialities throughout the seasons with themed dinners and initiatives designed to support the local food culture, helping us to rediscover the knowledge behind – and within – the flavours. Tradition is fused with skilful, innovative flourishes as we expertly prepare meat, fish, fruit, vegetables… and flowers! Each and every one of the local area’s gifts becomes a source of wonderful deliciousness at the Parigi.

The restaurant is a warm, welcoming environment and you’ll feel at home right away. We invest great attention to detail both in the preparation of our dishes and in the way we present them on the plate, because we believe that good, healthy, tasty food is not just made up of quality ingredients, delicious flavours and enticing smells, but of colours too: eating at the Parigi will leave you marvelling at nature and in awe of man’s ability to take it and transform it into pure pleasure for your palate… and your soul. Let yourself be seduced by timeless flavours, at lunch and dinner.

the bar

At the Parigi you can also discover the best of Venetian bar snacks, known as cicchetti. Enjoy a delicious snack at our bar thanks to our range of bruschetta, sandwiches and sliced cured meats and cheese. Whether you’re merely passing through or looking to enjoy a long stay on the banks of the Lago del Corlo, it’s always worth stopping in at the Parigi, because even a few moments’ relaxation in our company is time well spent. It might be one of the warmer days of spring, or perhaps you’re looking for a rest in the heat of the summer – either way there is nothing better than sipping a cocktail with friends or family on our terrace, with views out over the lake.

From morning until night and from the first bite of breakfast until that last drop of liqueur, the Parigi’s restaurant and bar are the ideal place to feel at ease, sharing silent glances or chatting and laughing with joyful abandon. In a magical place, no matter the season.